Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Sock is Born

I've finished the first 'Monkey' sock.

It's a little big on me but fortunately it fits DD perfectly.

Cookie's patterns look like they are all sized for medium sized feet. I'll have to figure out how to make them smaller or sadly I won't have any socks knit with her patterns.


Susan said...

Beautiful! I think if they're too long you could just leave out a pattern repeat on the foot before you start decreasing for the toe. If the foot is too wide, use less stitches on the sole of the foot. If the leg is too wide, I think you could use one less pattern repeat or if it's just too big all over have you considered smaller needles?

maryeb said...

Great suggestions. Thanks.
I've been trying to decide what I should do for my next pair to make them fit better.

Sixsisters said...

Love the socks Mary. Great colors too.

Chauncey said...

Mary, I think that sock is terrific. I hope you made two. lol

maryeb said...

Not yet Chauncey.
Stay tuned for the next exciting post when I will unveil the second sock! ;)

Splendid Little Stars said...

I have yet to make socks, but think it just might be fun. Yours are lovely.