Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bouncey Beret

This beret pattern was a quick knit. My gauge swatch was a little tight, 3.75 to 4 stitches per inch rather than the specified 3.5, which was ok with me. The pattern photo made the hat look like it was a generous size. Even with this slightly tighter gauge mine turned out fairly big. I like the hat, but I think I'd like it better just a bit smaller. I'm planning on knitting another and will use either smaller needles or cast on fewer stitches.

Pattern Error
I found one error in the pattern.

For the final row 9 sts remain, you are told to cut the yarn, leaving an 18" tail and then to seam the hat. It doesn't tell you what to do with those live 9 stitches that are still on the knitting needle.
Leave the stitches on the knitting needle, cut your yarn (I cut it 24" and had just enough length).
Thread the end of the cut yarn through a tapestry needle. Draw the threaded needle through the 9 live stitches, dropping them off the knitting needle and gently tighten, closing the hole.
Now sew down the seam to the ribbed brim.

The yarn is absolutely yummy. I used 'Rustic' by Cascade Yarns. It was new at my LYS.
It's wonderfully soft and I love the subtle variegation.

New Technique: Knit One Below
Used in the above pattern.

Insert R needle into the K stitch below the live stitch on the L needle.

Wrap yarn knitwise around R needle.

Draw yarn through the K stitch and pull newly formed stitch plus the live stitch off the L needle.

Viola, new stitch formed.

I was a little hesitant to pull the live stitch off with the stitch knitted below, but it really works. Almost like magic :)
This technique creates a raised, somewhat elongated stitch and resembles ribbing in its look. The resulting fabric however is not as tight and elastic as ribbing. It just has an interesting texture.


Susan said...

I was just listening to a podcast last night that was talking about the knit one below, there's a whole book about it, and I couldn't visualize it. And amazingly, today you have pictures. Thanks!

bunnits said...

I really like the beret. The technique photos are really good, too. Thanks. Oh, and I gotta try the lentil stew recipe. It looks yummy.

above happy valley said...

it's very nice of you to share tips about your craft. i've publicly thanked you for doing it over at my blog :-)