Friday, July 11, 2008

Woven Wrapsody

Sterling Silver and Champagne Citrine Earrings

I just finished making this new pair of earrings with the help of Iza Malczyk's tutorial.

Iza is a phenomenal artist and a genius at wire-work. Her tutorial was easy to follow and I had great fun coaxing the wire into its intricate latticework design. This pair of earrings features gorgeous AAA champagne citrine rondelles and briolettes. I love the glowing, almost luminescent quality of the briolettes and the facets on the rondelles make them sparkle.

Native American Feather Wrapping as Decoration
The title of her tutorial is 'Indian Feather Earrings'. I have some preconceptions about Native Americans and their use of feathers as decoration. I like to challenge my preconceptions, to see how much is unfounded bias and how much is truth, so I decided to do a little research a la the miracle of the internet. I found this site, Native Tech. It describes some of the history and the technique behind the Native American art of feather wrapping. I found it to be a fun, interesting site so I have included the link for you to check out for yourself.


adina said...

Those earrings are so cool!!

Amanda Conley said...

I found your link off of an Etsy thread, and I just had to say that those earrings are really great. Superb wire wrapping, friend!

outofthepinksky said...

These are freakin' amazing!