Sunday, July 27, 2008

Waterlily Top

Waterlily Knitted Top

I loved knitting this top. It is knit from the bottom up on circular needles which means no side seams. Hurray! I've gotten much better at seaming my hand-knits but it's so gratifying to have a finished piece once the knitting is complete.

Well, almost finished.

There are two small seams at the tops of the shoulders. And one teeny tiny other thing.

Invisible or Provisional Cast-On
It was quite an easy pattern to follow. The only problem I had was with the invisible (provisional) cast-on edge. I had no problem following the invisible cast-on instructions provided at the back of the magazine. The problem came when it was time for me to finish the bottom edge. I just couldn't see my 'live' knit stitches. LYS (local yarn shop) genius to the rescue! She helped me find and place the stitches correctly on my knitting needle and sat with me while I finished that lovely little ruffled edge.

For future reference, my LYS angel told me to follow the instructions for the crocheted cast-on edge found in Sally Melville's book 'The Knitting Experience: Book One: The Knit Stitch'. I haven't checked out these instructions yet, but I will definitely look at them the next time a pattern calls for an invisible cast-on.

This pattern can be found in Interweave Knits, Spring 2006 issue.

Colinette Love

When I saw the yarn I used in this pattern it was love at first sight. I actually saw it in an ad in a Interweave Knits magazine a year before this pattern was published and decided I just had to have it. I tracked it down at my LYS. This is Colinette's Giotto yarn. A yummy hand-painted ribbon yarn. This particular color is called 'Popsicle'. Perfect, no!? I actually had it in my stash when the Spring 2006 issue came out. And even more amazing, I found it without too much searching.

I try to buy what I need (ok, want) at my LYS, but they don't always have the yarn I am after. I have found a wonderful on-line shop that carries a large selection of Colinette yarn. Flying Fingers Yarn Shop has a great selection of Colinette as well as other wonderful yarns.

I also purchased Giotto in the color 'Monet'. This is the color used in the Waterlily top pictured in the issue of Interweave Knits. I can certainly see the inspiration for the name of the pattern. The 'Monet' colorway definitely reminds me of Monet's painting. I haven't decided what I will do with this color of Giotto, maybe another waterlily top.


adina said...

I love that top! It's very cool :-)

Chauncey said...

Mary, what a beautiful top!

joonbeam said...

Mary, that is gorgeous! And I love your new yarn. What a nice blog. I'm so glad you joined our group.

Van Fleet Street Design said...

I like the colors in the top!
Good luck and keep writing!!

Anonymous said...

Really nice job!--You will only get better as you keep knitting. I sold yarn at my shop for 3 years and carried Colinette which was one of my favorites as well.

kim* said...

i like the knit colors, very summery

LoopDiLoops said...

The top looks great. I always wished I had learned to knit. I just can't get my fingers and my brain that coordinated!

How To Eat A Cupcake said...

Very neat top :)

Ana said...

Mary, what a lovely blog, its so uplifting and inspiring.

Keep up the good work!


Amy Esther said...

What an awesome top, Mary! I love the neckline.