Friday, July 25, 2008

October Sky

October Sky Sterling Silver and Lampwork Bead Bracelet

Borosilicate Glass
I made this bracelet with artisan made boro lampwork beads. Boro is an abbreviation for borosilicate. It is an extremely durable type of glass with a unique color palette. The colors are outstanding and it is difficult to capture their full beauty. The layer of clear glass on the outside of these beads offers an intriguing multi-dimensional look. It's as though the beads hold another world inside of them.

Chain maille
I am particularly fond of asymmetrical designs so I made a chain maille flower chain. The lampwork beads are linked together with sterling silver and then linked to the strand of chain maille.

Chain maille has quite an interesting history but its uses go beyond Medieval times. Some of its many uses include protective clothing for butchers and scuba divers, and protective gloves for the British police. Historical re-enactment groups use it for costumes as well as for protective gear.

A number of states hold Renaissance and Medieval Faires as do some universities. Ohio has a wonderful faire in October every year and the Ohio State University has one in May.

And, as you can see in my design, chain maille is also used to make jewelry. There are many decorative designs, some are quite complex. Urban Maille is my favorite site for inspiration in using chain maille in jewelry.

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The Filigree Garden said...

What a lovely use of these beautiful beads!