Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hearts of Fire

I love, love top quality gemstones.
I also adore top quality hand made 'gems'. Chris makes one-of-a-kind fused and dichroic glass items including gorgeous heart pendants. I bought this one and I'm pondering what to do with it. I'm thinking something simple and fun. Any thoughts?

I also bought one of these. Beautiful and practical, this bottle stopper would be a great hostess gift. Note to self for the next holiday season.


Sarah said...

Ooooo those are just lovely.

Anonymous said...

I am with you regarding quality! And you work is so beautiful I do not believe that you need any ideas for that awesome piece.

BTW, I tried to stalk you. Butt-Bubbles, there is no link, or its not working, or I am not working...LOL


uniquecommodities said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Fused Glass said...

I love it! thanks...I am so happy that you like your pieces!

glassidentities said...

beautiful... I love the bottle stopper