Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Contest with Heart

I really enjoy reading Kkhymn's blog. She's having her first contest; a wonderful idea encouraging her readers to knit or crochet items for charity and then leave a comment as to what they've done.

I love her idea but didn't know how to act on it until today. While browsing the bookstore shelves I found some inspiration.

A whole book full of ideas, Knitting for Peace names specific charities that welcome donations and offers easy patterns to complete the mission. From helping people to shelter animals, close to home and abroad, this book gives specific information on a variety of organizations and their needs.

Also listed in the book are several online resources.
Last updated September 2008, this site has an extensive list of organizations.
Provides a search option to help you select a charity, and a list of most frequently requested item patterns.
This site looks like it hasn't been updated in a while, but it does list specific organizations by state.

Now the dilemma. With so many wonderful organizations and super patterns, which one to choose?!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing those various resources. I've seen the Knitting for Peace book, it has some cute stuff in it if I remember correctly!

cici said...

great informations...thanks so much! I love this book.

c'est Moi! said...

Thanx for the inspiration and links