Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ruby Treasure

I adore pomegranate seeds; their gorgeous crimson color, their sweet tart taste.
It took me a while to figure out the best way to get to these little gems.

First, cut about an inch off the top or crown.

Next cut the pomegranate into quarters.

Now scoop out the seeds removing pieces of the white pith as needed. I use my fingers and the tip of a knife for the really stubborn seeds.
There are other methods for getting at these juicy little treats. If my suggestion doesn't work well for you try, try another :)

My favorite way to eat the seeds is by the bowl full with a spoon.
I've also sprinkled them on salads and on top of vanilla ice cream. YUM!

Here is a link to a large variety of recipes. If you try one or if you have a favorite way of using pomegranate seeds I'd love to read about it.


Amy Esther said...

Yum! I just watched this video last night:

Which uses pomegranate seeds in a recipe I would never have imagined they would go with... and it's very pretty!

maryeb said...

Ooo, potato nests filled with a crab/apple mixture. Sounds delicious and looks pretty too. Thanks for the link.