Friday, September 12, 2008

Unexpected Delight

Witty, clever, fun.
I never watch videos on the internet, as in ever. On the advice of Amy of In the Night Kitchen I decided to check out Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog -- just for a minute or two.
I ended up watching the whole thing and wishing for more.
Oh, and the sing-along part, I'm still working on that:)


Kerianne said...

Oh, yes. Dr. Horrible is WONDERFUL!

Ceci said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. :) You know, I *feel* less busy now that the baby is here but it's just boredom and inactivity from all the hours of 4 weeks of breastfeeding. I want to get up and DO something! Even dishes, hehehe. Must be the sleep dep talking. For now though, lots of 1-handed websurfing.

Dr Horrible sounds like my kind of fun! I will leave that link open here and hope to get to watch it soon! My 3 yr old won't let me watch video without wanting to see his "pillon" -- search for 'piano cat Nora' on YouTube; it's cute until you've seen it 1000000000 times. Anyway, I have to sneak my video time. ;)

Oh, and those earrings are drop dead gorgeous!!

yarnpiggy said...
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Amy Esther said...

Hahaha! Told you!

I've been telling everyone I know about Dr Horrible and getting a lot of strange looks. But I'm glad to know the love is spreading...