Sunday, September 21, 2008

Of Flowers and Butterflies

Rich and luscious, these earrings glow and sparkle with warmth.
Their beauty was inspired by the 'Butterfly' Orchid, Oncidium Papilio, a gorgeous exotic orchid from Venezuela.

They feature a hand formed post and 'button' wrapped with fine silver and embroidered with AAA champagne citrine and tundra garnet rondelles in shades of golden orange and rich red.
A full luscious dangle of top quality gemstones gently sways beneath: faceted hessonite garnet briolettes, AAA rhodolite garnet hearts, AAA champagne citrine and sparking tundra garnets.

These earrings would be a stunning addition to your fall and holiday wardrobe.

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Fiber Deviant said...

so very beautiful!

these are marvelous!