Monday, June 16, 2008

Work It

Reading a Knitting Pattern
After I buy that new 'just gotta have it' knitting book or magazine, I always make a photo copy of the pattern I'm working on.

I find it so much easier when the pattern lies flat and I'm not constantly trying to keep the book or magazine open.

Easier to transport. A few pages take up much less space in my knitting bag than an entire book or magazine.

I confess! I'm a bit of a perfectionist. I like to keep my books and magazines in good condition. My photocopy can get pretty ragged.

I love sticky notes! 'Say it again.' I love sticky notes!

For patterns with charts I like to use them to mark my place so I know which row I am working in the chart. After I finish knitting a row I move the sticky note up the chart so it underlines the next row I need to work.
I prefer sticky notes to other methods because I find them less cumbersome. They stay in place and I can write little notes to myself to help me remember what I am doing in the pattern. And, if I lose one, there are plenty more on the pad:)


Anonymous said...

wow i see that you are creative. Nice work!!!!!!!!

adina said...

I always try to hold my knitting books open with various knitting needles, but this inevitably fails. Photocopying seems like a much smarter method. Thanks for the tip! :-)