Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Little Loopy

I recently discovered a new on-line yarn shop, The Loopy Ewe. They have great customer service and amazingly gorgeous yarn. I could not believe how fast their shipping was.

The Dream in Color hand dyed yarns caught my eye, so I just had to buy a few skeins. I really wanted a whole bunch of skeins, such yummy colors, I had a hard time choosing.

The red is DIC Starry in 'Lipstick Lava'.
The yellow is Starry in 'Butter Peeps'.
The lavender/blue is Smooshy in 'Pansy GoLightly'.

The names alone make me want one of each.

The 'Loopy Elves' even included a little gift.


Susan said...

I've never knit with that but I so want it. I had some in my hand at Rhinebeck but the checkout line was 45 minutes long. I do regret putting it back.

Anonymous said...

I love The Loopy Ewe! They're one of my favorite online stores to order from. DIC is gorgeous... I love the Pansy GoLightly!

Found you from the Ravelry Blogging group, btw. :)

Anonymous said...

OOoh, look at that beautiful yarn! Love your choices, and awesome to hear about good service.

superwoman_4002 said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!! :) wow... you just made me want to stop by and check out loopy! haha, although i do need to lay off buying more yarn ;)

Trish said...

Oh wow... you found the Loopy Ewe... you'll be hooked soon. I like buying Dream in Color Classy and have quite a little collection of it.

When you place your 6th order, and don't worry, you will... you become a "Loopy Groupie" and you'll get a nice surprise! Also, every time you spend a cumulative $250, you automatically get a $25 gift certificate.

Yes, they have ways of keeping you hooked. :-)

Ceci said...

I hear such good things about the Dream in Color... you'll have to report back what you think when you've knit some up. :)

FieryMyst said...

Thank you for the link, I will have to check it out!