Sunday, November 23, 2008

Stress Free Shopping

Shop Stress-free, Shop Etsy
That's my motto for this season.

I've always loved buying hand-crafted items from art fairs so when I discovered Etsy I was ecstatic.

I'll be featuring as many of my favorite artists and their shops as possible in the next few weeks.
I hope you find these posts helpful in making your holiday more fun and a lot less effort.

This unique necklace is by Roseworkjewelry. It contains real coffee beans. Very cool!

Coffee and unique appear to go together. Here's a cute card featuring 'Betty Jean, the coffee pot person'. And she can be found (where else) at CoffeePotPeople's Shop.

This gorgeous fine art triptych by Jenaardell is called 'Shooting Stars'. What a special way to decorate a wall.


uniquecommodities said...

Most Excellent! I will be doing the same! Featuring different shops in my blog every day until the sale ends

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Oh Wow - thank you so much for featuring me!

TiLT said...

very cute finds! Drinking my java right now :)