Friday, October 17, 2008

Rescue Me

A surprise, mystery gift for you.
I'm doing my part to boost the economy and your spirits. $6.00 plus shipping at my etsy shop will buy you a surprise pair of earrings, retail value of at least $20.

The earrings will be sterling silver and will feature either gemstones, artisan lampwork beads, pearls, semi-precious stones or crystals.

I get to choose; that's the mystery. You get the surprise.


ReneeCF said...

Mary, thanks for your comments and for visiting my website. I'm so excited about simply putting it together as it hasn't been an easy task, I think I've had to learn a whole new language just to edit it...and still I'm trying to fix and edit pages, like the knitting one. I have a great host manager who is guiding me through all the editing and he's going to see what's happening to my pages that aren't showing up. Oh well, at least it will give me time to type up the designs I have finished--and there's lots--over the next fortnight.
I love your blog!
I was just thinking about a vintage top I wanted to get and appreciate your blogging about that lovely 50's dress. Have you worn it yet? I'll check out the vintage shop at Etsy to see if they have the top I'm thinking of.
As for the illustrations and pottery on my site, yes, they're mine and I wish I could do more but am only producing minimal stuff, mostly knitwear, as my job teaching is sucking the life out of me, literally.
I'm thinking of swapping to being a substitute teacher next year--our school year ends this Xmas so it's only a few months away. Kind regards, Renee

ReneeCF said...

How did you add the stumbl upon link to your website?

di said...

What a great promo mary! Who doesn't love a "surprise"! Di